The question has been asked.  The ring has been given.  Now you are about to begin the journey of a lifetime.  

Your father's seventieth birthday is in a month and you are planning a celebration to show him how much he has meant to you and family through out the years.

It is nearing the holidays, and you look around at your children and see how fast they are growing.

photographs are our most precious and endearing way to capture all of our memories


We at photography by Christine Enna are here to take care of all your photography needs. We understand that the primary purpose of photography is to have a lasting memory of a wedding, a birthday or any event in your life.  Photographs become a way of stoping time, marking the important days of our lives, or capturing the time in your child's life that will never last but always be remembered.


After several years of being a professional contributing photographer for Therese Marie Wagner Studio, Christine recently branched out to start her own boutique wedding service in Central New Jersey. Weddings are a unique opportunity to capture the connections between people. Two individuals come together, two families are joined and the entire event is celebrated by extended family and friends alike. The camera provides an opportunity to explore all of it. When asked what makes her work unique, she alludes to the blend of documentary, candid style photography infused with more creative, cutting edge work.

Christine's relationship with the couple is paramount to capturing the day.

"It's finding my way into the couple's heart and understanding who they are and what brought them together, that enables me to capture those intimate moments."

"We have used Christine Enna Photography for many occassions! She is a true professional and has the unique gift of putting everyone at ease in front of the camera. She also knows how to organize everyone for you! Christine takes beautiful photos of everything you want and has this amazing ability to capture candid moments in the most artistic way. Her photos bring back amazing memories everytime we look at them! We will certainly use Christine Enna Photography again. "

                                                                                                                                                                                                      - Marisa D.


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